Standard Electric Kit

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Lintel Northwest Product, part number: 169/SEK
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Keylite Standard Electric Kit

Centre Pivot windows installed in out of reach locations can be opened with ease by selecting the electric option.
With fingertip control of ventilation and shade, as well as a rain sensor for automatic closing in the event of rain, the electric option is recommended for all installations over 2.5m high
Our range of electric kits can be adapted to suit any environment in instances where your roof window may be out of reach.
Electrical operation of blinds can also be added as an option.
Available with Centre Pivot roof windows only.

Benefits / features:
Easy installation - simply plug in and power up.
External Rain sensor to automatically close roof windows in the event of rain.
15 channel capacity handheld remote control included
Operate multiple roof windows and blinds
Pre-fitted upgraded Electrical Control Unit…