Restraint Straps

Restraint straps can be used both for lateral restraint as a 27.5x5mm section or as a vertical restraint as a 27.5x2.5mm section. They are most commonly manufactured from pre-galvanised steel strips with zinc coated edges, but are also available in stainless steel if required.

Restraint Straps Truss Clips and Framing Anchors

Lateral restraint straps are referred to as heavy duty and are designed to provide a horizontal restraint to joist and rafter timbers preventing spread. The straps may be laid notched into joists running parallel with the wall with the spaces between joists and wall packed or along the side of a joist running perpendicular to a masonry wall.

We stock our heavy duty straps in overall lengths of 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1600mm, all either as a straight length, bent at 100 or bent at 150mm. 1000mm straps are also stocked incorporating a twist 100mm from the end. In addition to these sizes we stock straps at 3600mm in length which gives us the ability to cut down to any required specific size and bend or twist as required from our own premises.

Vertical restraint straps are referred to as light duty and are designed to provide a restraint against wind pressure and uplift forces primarily for wall plates but cater for many situations. We stock our light duty straps in overall lengths of 1000 + 1200mm as either a straight length or bent @ 100mm. We also stock light duty straps in 3000mm lengths which we can cut and bend to specific requirements. Both heavy and light duty straps are multi holed with 6mm holes evenly spaced along their lengths.