Lintels and Padstones

Lintels are stocked to suit four separate cavity range sizes from 50mm up to 125mm cavity and are available from stock in 100mm cavity as standard, heavy duty and extra heavy duty designs, in addition three standard single wall thickness are catered for with 100mm, 140mm and 215mm(standard box, heavy duty box and to suit fair faced walls). Single leaf wall lintels are stocked as the standard angle and heavy duty channel section as are timber frame lintels. Our lintel range extends from 750mm up to 4800mm in stock.
Concrete lintels cover a huge section of sizes 100x65, 140x65, 140x100, 100x140, 100x100, 140x140, 100x215, 215x100, 140x215, 215x140 and 100x290, and are further complimented with fair faced option and hi-strength concrete lintels. Padstones are available will all standard section sizes along with specially manufactured sizes in stock.