M10x75mm Hex Hd Atlas Bolt (4)

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Lintel Northwest Product, part number: 137/PP1075ATL4
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Supplied in convenient PRE-PACKS each containing 4 fixings.

ATLAS BOLTS - Constructed from high tensile boron steel and designed for fast installation with an instant fix.
Manufactured to deal with high load and low expansion force meaning they are also suitable for close-to-edge fixing.
Additional features include 10 sharp thread forming teeth which together with dual thread ensure correct alignment of anchor.

INSTALLATION - With the correct diameter drill bit, drill a hole to the depth of the fixing + at least one diameter of the anchor.
Clean dust and material from the hole.
Install with either a socket or cordless impact driver. Apply pressure against the fixing and rotate to engage the first thread.
Continue to tighten until head is firmly seated against the fixture.

Code Name Size Packaging
PP1075ATL4 M10x75mm Hex Hd Atlas Bolt (4) M10 x 75mm Pack of 4