Corner Window Support System

In addition to supplying pre-manufactured corner and bay lintels, we can also supply the Bay 9 Corner Window Support System which comprises a corner cap plate with dowels for the Birtley range of lintels to locate over, using pre-punched holes in the ends of the lintels. Bay 6 system is designed to support vertical loads only in standard duty loading conditions, such as standard domestic construction with timber floor loads.

IBay 6 System can also be used for sun lounges on the basis that separate provision is made for horizontal or windloads by a structural engineer.

ICorner sections are available in three sizes to suit cavity walls of between 250-270, 270-290 + 290-310mm. They are available in either a 90 degree or 135 degree to suit square or splayed corners. The system is available with a choice of two posts either at 1645mm or 3000mm long and each post can accommodate a maximum vertical load of 10Kn.