Hi-Therm Lintels

Hi-therm lintels have been specifically designed to address the demands of lowering u-values within the construction industry. Manufactured from a combination of GRP and galvanised steel, these two components when combined produce a Psi Value (ψ) of just 0.05W/mK (linear thermal resistance)

Hi-Therm Lintels

Key Benefits

Up to 5 times more thermally efficient than a steel cavity wall lintel, Hi-Therm outperforms other lintels.
The significant reductions in thermal bridging due to the GRP component will assist in the building design process to achieve compliance with Part L and The Code for Sustainable Homes. The use of Hi-Therm will make a significant contribution to a buildings performance in respect of the Fabric Energy Efficient Standards (FEES). Outperforming Stainless Steel on price and corrosion resistance.

Design Features


  • Patented GRP and Galvanised Steel hybrid design.
  • Galvanised steel is used to support the heavier load on the inner leaf of the cavity wall.
  • Profiled CFC free insulation ensures the continuity of insulation.


Additional benefit is that DPC is not required on Hi-Therm lintels due to the outer section of the lintel being produced from GRP, GRP as a product will not corrode.

Hi-Therm lintels have also achieved a 1 hour fire resistance certificate.