Timloc 1201XL Telescopic Vents 5-7 Courses

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Lintel Northwest Product, part number: 140/F1201XL
Additional Information

• To provide ventilation below suspended ground floors

Features and benefits
• Telescopic and adjustable for a step of 5, 6 or 7 brick courses
• Horizontal and vertical extension accessories available
• Equivalent of 6000mm2 per unit
• Special grille included to prevent entry of vermin
• Durable, robust and totally resistant to decay

Installation advice
• Always use in conjunction with a Timloc airbrick
• The airbrick and upper front opening of the telescopic underfloor ventilator must be positioned above the finished external ground level - usually at the
same level as the ground level DPC
• The lower rear opening of the product must project down to the level of the underfloor void and must not be obstructed by the floor construction. A
vertical extension sleeve is available to fit the 1201XL if the standard 7 course step is not adequate
• Building Regulations require a free airflow below suspended ground floors of at least 1500mm2 per metre run of wall. This can be achieved by spacing the
ventilators at 4m centres, however, such a wide spacing is not recommended as stagnant air pockets could form in the underfloor void. Timloc recommend
a spacing of not more than 2m centres to comply with NHBC standards.
• The NHBC recommend that underfloor ventilators are spaced at a maximum of 2m centres, with ventilators also positioned not more than 450mm from
the ends of the wall.
• As a minimum requirement ventilators should be positioned down two opposite sides of the building so as to create a cross flow ventilation action.
It is good practice to position ventilators around the full perimeter of the building, particularly with complex building designs.
• If the underfloor void is separated by dividing walls, openings must be provided to allow a free flow of air around the underfloor void.
• The standard ventilator will fit into a cavity wall with an external leaf of 100-102.5mm, a minimum cavity width of 50mm and across a cavity of 100mm. External and internal horizontal extension sleeves are available to accommodate thicker walls or wider cavities.
• To be installed with a DPC Cavity tray and wall weeps to collect any water ingress
• We recommend Timloc’s IL4 and 2 weeps (Invisiweep or 1143)
• It may be a requirement to protect with a lintel for direct loads.

How to order
• Measure the length of each wall requiring telescopic underfloor ventilators and divide by 2m to establish the quantity required.
• Always round up if the calculation does not work out to an exact whole number.

Material and colour choice
• Manufactured by injection moulding in polypropylene.
• Available in black.

• Satisfies all NHBC requirements
• Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
• Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
• Meets all relevant British Standards

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